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Open MNM : an innovative and open network

MNM Consulting launches an open network of cooperation between startups, research centers and organizations.

It’s name : OpenMNM !

This network is based on 3 pillars :

  • Innovations managériales liées aux nouveaux modèles
  • Identification des capacités nouvelles à développer pour les grandes organisations
  • Soutien aux startups sur leurs questions de développement et de management

Animation of an network for innovation

The ecosystem, created between clients of MNM Consulting, researchers and network startups, is a collaborative innovation soil, source of new ideas and value proposition.

Supporting startups

France has a strong entrepreneurial passion and creates on average 1500 startups each year. These startups have a high growth potential and can become tomorrow’s leaders through their agility and capacity for innovation. However, they are facing diverse issues, including management and the development of their abilities. MNM Consulting brings its expertise and methods to the startups of the network, which can experience and enrich their development. This mutual exchange also allows our practice to capitalize on new knowledge and tools.

In the words of Nicolas MONOMAKHOFF, Director & Founder of MNM Consulting: “Having had rich experiences as an entrepreneur, I am sensitive to the development of startups and new innovations proposed by them to change the value chains and practices. Our firm wishes to contribute to this dynamic and provide innovative solutions to management, tailored to startups. Open MNM wants to offer an innovative and dynamic ecosystem, exchange zone and enrichment for startups and our customers.

With the contribution of research centers such as the M-Lab Dauphine DRM, this collaborative network will also enable us to identify and qualify new capabilities and “New Methods of Management”.”


Some members of the OpenMNM network

OpenMNM - Partenaires

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